Dinner Is Served: Keeping Your Entrees Attractive

Presentation and convenience are two important concepts to keep in mind when serving food to your guests. No matter how tempting your recipes may be--how enticing the aroma of a stir fry or casserole--your offerings are less appealing when they are awkward or messy to eat. The simple use of a hot knife to create properly-sized servings can make all the difference between success and failure at the dinner table.
The art of the stir fry is no longer a mystery to today’s cook. What was once the exclusive province of Asian cooks is now available to kitchens large and small. The secret of a successful meal of this type lies in the preparation – ensuring that all ingredients are properly cut into easily managed pieces, often with a hot knife. This guarantees that meats and vegetables cook evenly without over- or under-cooking, and preserves the appearance, taste and nutritional value of each morsel. Such meals are easily arranged on the plate and present an appetizing appearance. Those who use chopsticks are sure to find your dinner easy to eat, and the uniform size of all elements encourages children to try their luck as well.

With this easy idea in mind, menu planning becomes simple. Entrees are quickly and economically prepared, preventing waste and drawing the whole family around the dinner table to savor your latest creation.