Profile of Comedian Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia is the date name of Ned Arnel Mencia. Carlos was built-in on October 22, 1967 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He was the 17th of 18th accouchement built-in to a Honduran ancestor and a Mexican mother. He was aloft in East Los Angeles, California. After High School, he abounding California State University in Los Angeles breadth he majored in electrical engineering. While still in college, Carlos performed at an accessible mic night at a accepted LA ball breadth alleged The Beam Factory.

After about three minute, he drew a complete blank. He told the admirers that he had no added actual and angry and absolved off the stage. The administration and the admirers anticipation it had been allotment of his act and responded agreeably to the performance. Encouraged by this experience, Carlos larboard academy aboriginal and began a career in angle up ball in the Los Angeles area. In 1994, he was alleged to host HBO's Latino ball appearance accepted as "Loco Slam".

In 2000, he angled out into acting. He won roles in the television shows "Moesha" and "The Shield". In 2004, Ball Central began talking with Mencia about a accessible show. At about the time that Dave Chappell larboard his awful accepted appearance afore the alpha of its third season, Ball Central active Carlos to a arrangement for a bisected hour ball appearance alleged "The Mind of Mencia". The appearance acclimated the aforementioned architecture of "The Chappell Show", which was a mix of angle up and account comedy. "The Mind of Mencia" enjoyed some abstinent success in its aboriginal season, but became Ball Central's additional accomplished appraisement appearance during its additional season.

The ball appearance of Carlos Mencia can be best declared as arguable comedy. Abounding comedians accomplish use of chase and ancestral stereotypes in their routines, but Carlos is the adept of this form. He targets advanced and politically actual issues after mercy. One of his brand routines pokes fun at humans with brainy disabilities, although he defends this activity by claiming that he is not speaking of humans who are built-in retarded, but are built-in and again become retarded.

Like a lot of arguable comedians, Carlos is the ambition of criticism. He has been accused of appropriation and has not consistently been able-bodied accustomed in analytical reviews. His appearance continues to be awful rated, however, and his reside performances are about able-bodied received. Carlos defends his ball by adage that it is advised to be funny and not controversial. He claims the abstraction is to relax ancestral astriction by teaching us to beam at ourselves. Recently, he appeared in one of the top rated commercials during the Super Bowl, and his appearance is alpha its third season. Carlos Mencia is a actor that will be allotment of the ball arena for abounding years to come.